Laterbox is a simple tool we built for ourselves

We are a group of designers and developers based in Mumbai, India who spend insanely high amount of time working online. When we have the power of internet, we always tend to use it for any random though that comes to our mind.

Which Book should I be reading next - Search on Google

What conference did my friend go to recently - See on Facebook

Where would be our next vacation be - Search on Google

Just check what are the currently trending topics - Goto Twitter.

And many many more random thoughts take up millions of our work hours in total. We just wanted to get rid of this habit and focus on work.

Thats how Laterbox was born.

What we want to do

We want to help people do important work in their life first. To enable people trully control their time and get some discipline. Sounds like a mighty task but we have started to do it by making Laterbox and developing a community around it.

We're not a task management tool

There are hundreds of those. They are Big, feature rich and can juggle tasks between teams and stuff.

Laterbox is a breath of fresh air. Its fast and simple and you can take it everywhere you go. It takes distraction away from you. It makes you focus and do important work first. It also sends you to-the-point mailers which are packed with motivation. Can you think of any application that sends you 'retrospect' mailer? We needed it, we made it. Best thing - It works!