Be Productive

Focus on what matters Now
and plan everything else for Later

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It is a Tool + Strategy that works.

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Not just an application

Laterbox comes with a suggested method to use. We will keep you guided on how to make best use of it. It helps to address your problems that lead to procrastination and achieve your goals.

Build the habit

Being Productive is a gradual process. The key is to build the habit, to plan and analyse. LaterBox helps you to build and sustain the habits that makes you more productive.

Continuous improvements

We are a young team driven by passion to help all of us to be more productive. We are always pushing LaterBox to be of more value to you by adding new and awesome things on regular basis.

Monitor your Progress

LaterBox gives you daily report on how you performed with your tasks. Set your own time to receive this report and be productive

Your love motivates Us



Free while in Beta

Laterbox is completely free while in Beta. You can start using it today and you will be entitled to keep a free plan forever.
We would be rolling the 'Pro' paid plan soon which will have time tracking and some other helpful features.

Start for free

If you see a specific application of LaterBox for your Business, reach us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Laterbox different?

We built Laterbox keeping in mind that it takes time to get into the habit of using a productivity app. No matter how great the software is, it will not help you to get productive on day 1. Most options available in market fail here and people go away in search of a new system.
With Laterbox, you can start simple and explore the areas as you progress. Our users prefer later box for its simplicity and clear distinction between Now and Later tasks.

Can I use it while working?

Sure! We have built it in a way you can use it for anything.
Any successful person will tell you that prioritizing the tasks is the key to get more done. We have pre-built 3 levels of priorities and you can just drag and drop tasks from one priority to another.

How will Laterbox work along with me?

With Laterbox, you can set 2 types of reminders. One in the morning to remind you to plan your day and one in the evening to see report of how you did during the day.
The people who work for long hours on the internet love our chrome extension. It reminds you of your tasks everytime you click a new tab. You can also set reminders for any task and Laterbox will make sure you get a timely mail.

When will you support other browsers and devices?

This is a debut beta version of Laterbox and we are very close to Launch our Android app.
Extension for Firefox is submitted to the app stores and waiting approval.
The next is conquering mail and making extensions for Gmail.
We are continuously working to widen the Laterbox umbrella. Hope you join and stay with us.

Who are behind this?

We are driven team based out of Mumbai, India.
We created Laterbox for ourselves while runnning a product development studio. You can read about our stories here.

Where do I get in touch with you?

We would love to hear from you. May it be questions, suggestions or just a hi! Mail us at and we will reply back in 24hours.